About Us

What We Do

Everything that captures our attention to help.

  • Education
  • Health
  • Human issue & human rights
  • Nature and underwater conservation
  • Poverty
  • Disaster
  • Sexualty
  • Violance
  • * Politics

Why We Do This

Somehow, we believe in no coincidence. There is no such thing in this world. We believe that when we have good life, we are obliged to help others to live a –at least– a proper life. The only reason why we’re born in our families not more unlucky ones, is that God places us in the condition where we can help others.

How We Work

We will try to do something that can be done by friends from other islands as well. So we manage to do something as a result of donation or collection of the funds or things. with this way of work, we can work everywhere. Even you can propose to manage the project in your area! At the end of every project, the project manager (it can be you!) will have to publish the evaluation report and financial report of every little penny come in and out. So when you donate, please make sure you register to make us easier to email you the report personally, and of course, to get you in touch with us about our upcoming (fun) projects.

Who Can Participate

Those willing to do every little things they can. No matter how small it is, we need the people who take action!

Where We Work

We dream to work globally. But we starts from our suroundings. No need to be big, but to be real. Because we believe, every Little Care Works..


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